I love her workouts...and totally enjoy that she puts them on Facebook for all to view and try at home!  I'm so busy that it's kinda hard to make it to the gym! My 10 and 12yr old daughters enjoy doing them as well! I also like how down to earth she is and doesn't make me feel like I have to eat leaves all of my life to be healthy! - Cecilia

Her workouts are awesome and the time she takes to demonstrate and make modifications if need be is greatly appreciated.  The one-on-one attention she shows each person in our bootcamp workouts is awesome as well.  I look forward to bootcamp and have no problem staying motivated throughout the week - Tonika

Megan's workouts are amazing. You can even do them at home so there's never an excuse not to do one.  Megan provides great motivation as well!  
Highly reccommend MeghenWoods Fitness. - Bailey

I have always searched and have taken many training classes but with Megan's  classes I can say have been the best. They are affordable and the workouts work more than what I do on my own in an entire week. I have learned a lot...You definitely need to check her classes out. You will not regret it.  -  Mayte

Megan Woods' Bootcamps are AMAZING!  You will not be disappointed with her. She  is very knowledgeable about the body. She  has worked on strength and condition with both of my sons, along with the weight loss for myself. You feel accomplished after each workout and eager for the next  session. Her modifications will help assist those that have limitations without feeling  like the workout was a waste of time. -Charitta  

I have  exercised most of my life  with different  trainers and thought I knew how to do my routines until I hurt my back and ended with a herniated disc. I thought I could not exercise anymore, but thanks to Megan, I was able to learn the right way  to workout and the way I was able to learn the right way to workout and the way I should do stretching. My back doesn't hurt anymore. She is the best. - Pita

Absolutely wonderful trainer and fitness programs! She has loads of experience being an athlete, a fit gym rat and from having a substantial academic background. She always willing to encourage  and be hands-on. After working out avidly for the last 3 years of my life, her program challenged my body and took it to the next level. - Jordan

It's so empowering to have someone be about health AND fitness. She does workouts with you so you know it's possible and motivating. Megan is pushing me and others past our mental limitations to be our best physical selves. It's never the same and it's never boring. - Yoshi